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October 2014
THEME: Halloween Favorites

November 2014

December 2014
THEME: Christmas

January 2015
THEME: Video Game Adaptations

February 2015
THEME: Best Picture Oscar Winners

March 2015
THEME: Anime Films

April 2015
THEME: B-Horror

May 2015
THEME: Terrible Movies We Loved As Kids

August 2015
THEME: Franchise Origins (first films in franchises with a Summer 2015 release)

September 2015
THEME: Listener Request Month

October 2015
THEME: Science Fiction Horror

November 2015
THEME: Listener Request Month

December 2015
THEME: Shitty Star Wars Month

January 2016
THEME: Gaijin Month

February 2016
THEME: Video Games Month

March 2016
THEME: World's Finest Month

April 2016
THEME: 1987 Month

May 2016
THEME: 1986 Month

June 2016
THEME: Franchise Origins Month (first films in franchises with a Summer 2016 release)

July 2016
THEME: Poopling Picks Month

October 2016
THEME: Witch Month

November 2016
THEME: 80s Fantasy Month