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Monday, April 13, 2015


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"You won't be coming home!"

Join the Popcorn Poops this week as they continue their month of bad horror movies with Robert Hiltzik's 1983 film SLEEPAWAY CAMP. This week's movie was Dustin's pick.

Tune in and listen to Dustin and Jessica pick apart what is arguable the most famous of the FRIDAY THE 13TH ripoffs. The conversation includes a running nudity counter, theories about why so many of the actors are Italian-Americans with New York accents, and the conflicting homophobic/transphobic themes with the film's unexpectedly gay perspective.

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  1. You give away the ghost inside 10 minutes? There was nothing else to talk about? C'mon guys.

  2. You are doing backflips to try and be politically correct.

  3. Michael Kellin was in 'MIdnight Express'. As for Academy awards, Ed French (special effects) was nominated to for Star Trek VL. A little research is a dangerous thing. You guys sound so nice and you have a wonderful charisma together. I just wish you would do a little googling before you do a podcast.

  4. That will be my last missive. Good luck with your show. I think it is very good.

    1. Thanks for your comments!

      I think we talk about plenty of things other than the ending in the episode -- enough to fill the entire runtime, in fact! But when I'm asked by my wife why I chose this movie, the ending is a key factor (and likely the reason the movie is remembered at all today). I also stand by my statement that one shouldn't listen to our podcast if they haven't watched the movie we're discussing.

      I'm afraid I can't agree with your assessment on our political correctness. It requires no grand mental acrobatics to see that the film contains some deeply homophobic and transphobic themes, along with some other pernicious ideologies hiding just under the surface.

      I often chide myself for bringing up topics that I haven't researched sufficiently, but such is the nature of the free-form commentary style podcast we produce. Because I cannot edit the episodes (for risk of ruining the sync), we must commit to a very warts-and-all kind of conversation, which I hope is part of the charm of our little show. I assure you, a good amount of research goes into every podcast, but real conversation doesn't always stay within those boundaries. And real conversation is what we're going for.

      Thanks again for your thoughts. We really do appreciate the feedback. And great work on the movie, as well!